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Boca Raton, FL

For more than 20 years, New York Prime has been a sought after hot spot for any night out, thanks to the lively bar and USDA prime-only menu. This Boca Raton institution has been consistently ranked as the best of the best, including being inducted into Boca Raton Magazine Hall of Fame for “Best Steak”. From barrel cut filets to top-of-the-line cooking techniques, every detail counts at this bustling, powerhouse steakhouse, but what sets them apart further is the live music in the bar area, listen for the napkin song next time you’re in.

*Temporarily unavailable for the dine-in events*

2350 Executive Center Dr.
Boca Raton, FL 33431




Dinner Menu
  • Dinner Menu

    • Appetizers

      • Oysters on the Half Shell (6) 15.50

        we serve only large farm raised oysters from government inspected waters

      • Oysters Rockefeller (4) 15.00

        topped with spinach, parmesan and bacon

      • Stone Crabs

        (October 17 - May 15)

      • Shrimp 17.50

        colossal u-7 to u-10's with cocktail or remoulde sauce

      • Seafood Platters

        a selection of our appetizers for 4 or more people

      • Lobster Cocktail Remoulade

      • Baked Shrimp 18.50

        colossals with garlic butter, parmesan and bread crumbs

      • New York Prime's Classic Shellfish Bisque 12.00

      • Colossal Lump Crab Cocktail 18.50

        cocktail or remoulade sauce

      • Carpaccio 17.00

        prime beef tenderloin

      • New York Style Thick Cut Sizzling Bacon 12.00

        Two thick slices served with Brooklyn French

    • USDA Prime Steaks

      All of our Steaks, Including Filets, are Aged 28 Days and Prepared "Pittsburgh-style" with a Charred Exterior

      • Petite New York Strip

        10 Oz46.00
      • New York Strip

        16 Oz53.00
      • Bone-in Rib Steak

        22 Oz65.00
      • Sliced Edge Of Rib Steak

        with onion straws

        12 Oz43.00
      • Center Cut Filet

        barrel cut

        12 Oz68.00
      • Petite Filet

        barrel cut

        8 Oz49.00
      • Porterhouse for Two

        40 Oz99.00
      • Chopped Steak of Prime, Aged Beef 29.00

      • Triple Cut Lamb Chops

        Two 12 Oz49.50
      • Double Rib Veal Chop

        16 Oz49.00
      • Garlic Chicken 24.50

      • Salmon 33.00

        topped with sauteed portobello mushrooms

      • Redfish with Crabmeat

      • Sea Bass

      • Live Lobster

        3 to 13 lbs.

    • Salads

      Slightly smaller sizes available

      • Beefsteak Tomatoes And Onions 13.00

        served with "Brooklyn french" dressing

      • Hearts of Lettuce with Sliced Tomato 13.00

      • New York Prime's Chopped Italian Salad 13.00

        onions, tomatoes, red, yellow and green peppers, hearts of palm, anchovies, almonds, olive oil and bleu cheese

      • Caesar 13.00

    • Sides

      Available in individual and table sizes

      • Creamed, Steamed or Garlic Spinach 13.00

      • Sauteed Mushrooms 13.00

      • Sauteed Onions 13.00

      • Asparagus With Hollandaise 13.00

      • Southwest Creamed Corn 13.00

        (Table size only)

      • Onion Straws 13.00

      • Onion Rings 13.00

      • Steak Cut French Fries 13.00

      • 1/2 Onion Rings and 1/2 Fries 13.00

      • Hash Browns 13.00

      • Lyonnaise 13.00

        hash browns with onions

      • Brussels Sprouts 13.00

      • Cheese Mashed Potatoes 13.00

        (table size only)

      • Giant Baked Potato - 1 Pound Loaded 9.00

        fresh bacon, chives, sour cream and butter

      • Fettuccine Alfredo "The Recipe" 13.50